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Creenstone - Waterproof Pleated Coat

Creenstone - Waterproof Pleated Coat



Indulge in the artistry of craft and smart design with this exquisite raincoat that seamlessly combines elegance and uniqueness. The perfectly shaped waist and beautiful pleats make it a true standout in rainy weather fashion, ensuring you stand out with sophistication. Crafted from waterproof lightweight stretch fabric, this coat not only delivers on style but also provides comfort for confident strolls. Featuring a foldable hood and waterproof zippers, it exemplifies the perfect marriage of practicality and chic design, making every rainy day a stylish and comfortable affair.

  • Creenstone
  • 100% polyester
  • lightweight waterproof stretch fabric
  • two-way zipper closure
  • collar with foldable hood
  • zippered slash pockets
  • tapered sleeve
  • feminine pleat detail
  • 37.5"
  • style #: Doris
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