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At Barrington's, we offer a wide selection of fur and shearling coats, jackets and vests for every occasion. We carry Christ, Nigel Preston, HISO, Wolfie Furs and more. For the best selection, visit us in-store or call us for a virtual style consultation or to arrange a private shopping experience.


Barrington's offers special cleaning and conditioning services to help preserve the natural beauty of your furs, shearling & leather coats. We recommend cleaning your furs every 2 years, depending on how often you are wearing them, to help maintain the luster and overall health of the fur. Please see below for cleaning charges.

Jacket / Coat - $90
Reversible Jacket / Coat - $120
Jacket/Coat - $125
Hats, Headbands, Collars & Boas - $45


Barrington's offers expert repairs of all fur and shearlings. We can assist with sewing ripped lining, replacing hook & eyes, fixing tears / worn fur, shortening and much more. For specific pricing, please contact us directly or bring in your coat in to Barrington's for review.


Have more questions regarding fur / shearling cleaning or repairs? Call us at 905-845-2031 and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions!