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Modal & Cashmere Scarf - Sandstone

Modal & Cashmere Scarf - Sandstone



Much of the sandstone found in the desert of the Southwest United States is pink or reddish in color – area like Grand Canyon in Arizona, or Canyonlands National Park in Utah. But what makes it even more interesting are curving patterns carved by the erosion of wind and water. Nature sculpts the sandstone landscape into sumptuous organic designs with hues of pink, coral and reflecting soft blue and lavender.. 

This multi-season design adds a touch of subtle elegance in its design and warm tones and is sure to elevate your summer and winter wardrobes. 

  • Lolili
  • Modal & Cashmere blend
  • 55" x 55"
  • made in Italy!
  • photograph taken of standstone in Utah
  • style #: sandstone
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