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Fur Storage at Barrington’s

Brenda Barrington

Posted on April 05 2017

Fur Storage at Barrington’s

Before you head out on your spring travel adventures, make sure you drop your furs off to Barrington’s for fur storage. We have been storing furs for over 65 years. Fur storage is vital to the longevity of your fur.

Our vaults are temperature controlled and most importantly, humidity controlled; creating a very dry cold that protects the leather of the fur. Many people think they can duplicate the same climate conditions in their basements or wine cellar. While you may be able to come close to the temperature (10C), it is impossible to achieve the low humidity (50%) of our vaults without large industrial grade compressors and fans.

 The number one reason to store your fur is so that the leather doesn’t dry out and disintegrate. A fur that hasn’t been stored properly will eventually tear like tissue paper! A fur that has been stored and cared for will have leather strong enough to remodel even after 30 to 40 years!

Barrington’s offers free pickup and delivery. Call us at 905-845-2031 or email us at to arrange your pick up.


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